Flexo printing is a widely established printing technology. We manufacture printing forms for packaging printing, which are tailored for the widest variety of applications. The printing forms can be manufactured by using different processes:

1. Analogue plate manufacture

Analogue plate manufacture is the oldest process for producing flexo printing forms, which we now only use in a few individual cases. The flexible printing plates are imaged using analogue repro technology, washed with solvents and then dried.

2. Digital print form manufacture/digital film

Digital printing form production is the method most commonly used in the market. The printing plates are imaged directly by a laser with an imaging resolution of up to 4,000 ppi. The digital flexo printing form has outclassed the analogue form in terms of printing quality and furthermore offers a clearly extended tonal value spectrum with fine vignettes, exceptionally good reproduction of highlights and shadows as well as very good repeatability. Depending on our customers’ requirements we can implement screen resolutions of up to 74 l/ cm. We are able to produce “digital film”. This file is prepared with step and repeat, and all smart marks. It is ready for direct imaging and can be sent to any place in the world.

3. HD-Flexo

We achieve extremely precise, sharp printing results with HD-Flexo imaging technology. During digital plate production it allows the combination of high-resolution optics of 4,000 ppi with unique screen technologies. With HD-Flexo we can obtain an excellent printing quality with glossy highlights, stable middle tones, even full tones and higher full tone densities across the entire tonal value spectrum.

4. Direct gravure of elastomer sleeves

Elastomer printing forms convince through their high life spans and a better colour transfer. These are complemented by the advantages of endless printing forms, plus, for example, higher printing speeds and better matching. We prepare files for endless printing forms as sleeves or rolls by using direct gravure. Here the laser removes all non-printing areas of the printing form in a single-stage gravure process.