An image on packaging is decisive for the overall impression. Our fruits become more crispy and freshly cleaned windows gleam in the sunlight. We work with pictures produced by our photographers or with motifs supplied by outside parties. We produce a perfect shine through creative retouching and composing all in accordance with technological printing demands.

We place great importance on technically advising our customers in the early development stage.Our early participation ensures that a good design is interpreted for the print process in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We make practical proposals on the innovative use of printing processes. We create detailed technical drawings that highlight the design, colours and varnish areas for the later packaging. We offer a technical guide for agencies that summarises all the information relevant for the further prepress process.

We use packaging simulations in a targeted way to correct incorrect estimates and false expectations early. The more realistically we reproduce the impression of the later packaging, the more precisely our customers can assess its impact. We simulate the later packaging with great fidelity to detail and in realistic colours with Mock-Ups. We generate both static and animated Packshots with the help of professional 3D software solutions. We can investigate very specific characteristics of a package through a three-dimensional view on a screen.

A close cooperation with designers and art workers is centrally important in our prepress process because photographs play an important role in packaging.