Prepress process

For us, the entire prepress process covers six phases: design, artwork, reproduction, proof, form and print. The interaction between the phases is very complex, and this is the reason why the results of each phase are very important for the process. We can intervene from phase to phase by setting the right course at the right moment in the process. Our portfolio is valuable thanks to our staff competence and skills, as well as our highly sophisticated software and hardware. We can add to the production quality in any moment under all above mentioned phases.

Product design is not only what a designer can create for you as a customer. It is greatly affected by the entire production process, type of products, printing options, etc. That is why design may be described as a final visual representation of the product, i.e. the final result of the production process. Thanks to our staff competence and skills, as well as our highly sophisticated software and hardware, we can deliver printing job as close as possible to the initial design.

Artwork represents standard and obligatory elements of products line which in the selected printing technique is reproduced identically. Therefore, unification for a particular manufacturer is achieved across the various products and for various markets.

A high quality and true reproduction of a painting (e.g. oil on canvas) in offset printing process requires same efforts and skills those necessary for achieving the same result in flexo-printing. Repro is a production phase ensuring the highest possible “match” with the brand owner target.

In the past proofing was just a press proof – done on a printing machine with the use of print colors on print media. You may agree it was an expensive and slow procedure. Today, we have at our disposal the latest technologies which enable us to simulate a great variety of realistic conditions (type of printing processes, printing media, type of colors, etc.), and to produce – very quickly – true and high-quality samples to use as references for further phases of the production process.

Excellent form is our highest priority. That is why we make and optimize individual screenings based upon PerfectHighlights dots and printing anilox. In such a way we use the most advanced technology separately for each printing machine and take maximum advantages of any printing machine.

Prepress quality level comes to light during printing. For cost-effective printing today it is required to ensure minimum stoppages of a printing machine. The prerequisite condition in this sense is to provide the highest quality prepress services and the proof which absolutely “matches” the print. Our experience and skills in prepress and printing are at full disposal for our partners.